My Healthy Midlife Crisis, Days 78-84

Day 78

Calories ate: 2918
Calories lost through exercise: 989
Net Calories: 1929
Exercise: Swimming – 60 lengths in roughly 45 minutes

Didn’t do too well food wise today. I went to a beer festival with a friend, and got a take away pizza! Knowing this was happening I did do a lot of exercise through the day, including lots of walking.

Day 79

Calories ate: 2074
Calories lost through exercise: 476
Net Calories: 1599
Exercise: Gym – Treadmill (25 min), Bike (10 min)

I was back on track today.

Day 80

OK – So it’s been a bad day. I honestly have no idea how many calories I had, but it’s a lot! And I mean a lot! We went to a friend’s house for a BBQ, and plenty was consumed! I did still intend to do exercise, but when we got back, late in the day, I was about to go for a run, when the security company at church rang to say the alarm was going off. So I had to go round and check the building etc. By the time I came back, it was so late I abandoned the day as a right off! I will get back on track tomorrow.

Day 81

Calories ate: 1881
Calories lost through exercise: 441
Net Calories: 1441
Exercise: Gym – 5K on the treadmill

Pleased to be back on track today. Fitting the time in was hard, but did my run and then got on with the rest of the day. I definitely suffered for my poor eating choices yesterday, but am pleased to be back on track.

Day 82

Calories ate: 2122
Calories lost through exercise: 528
Net Calories: 1595
Exercise: Gym – Treadmill (25 min), Bike (15 min) round of weights

Again, a good day. Time was, as normal a struggle, but feeling good again.

Day 83

Calories ate: 2007
Calories lost through exercise: 401
Net Calories: 1606
Exercise: Gym – Treadmill (25 min)

It was almost impossible to fit in exercise today, but I did and I feel positive.

Day 84

Calories ate: 2059
Calories lost through exercise: 422
Net Calories: 1637
Exercise: Gym – Treadmill (20 min), Bike (15 min), round of weights

Another positive day.

Week Summary

Weight: 14st 7lb
Weight lost this week: 3lb
Total weight lost: 2st

After a really bad start to the week I was over the moon to have lost 3lb. I have now lost 2 stone and still have roughly two weeks to go.  Feeling really good and on track.

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I'm the curate at St. Anne's Church, in the parish of Shevington, Standish Lower Ground and Crooke. I'm married to Carole and have two beautiful daughters called Sarah and Anabel
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