My Healthy Midlife Crisis – Days 50-56

Day 50

Calories ate: 2141
Calories lost through exercise: 548
Net Calories: 1593
Exercise: Swimming – Swam 50 lengths of the pool in roughly 40 minutes

We’re half way through the hundred days!  I can honestly say that I’m really starting to feel the benefits of the exercise.  I easily swam 50 lengths today and could have swum even more!  I’m also enjoying exercise!  (Which I would have thought would be completely impossible!)

Day 51

Calories ate: 2116
Calories lost through exercise: 384
Net Calories: 1734
Exercise: Gym – Treadmill (10min), Bike (10 min), Stairmaster (5 min), round of weights.

It was a busy day today, so it was a real struggle to fit exercise in.  We also enjoyed dinner with some friends, which meant we had a lot of calories!  So not easy to keep the calories down!  But this has got to be sustainable, which means it has to include meals out and time with friends.

Day 52

Calories ate: 2115
Calories lost through exercise: 615
Net Calories: 1500
Exercise: Ran 3.11 miles (5k!!) at an average pace of 10 min 53 sec per mile

I’m really, really chuffed with myself.  I ran 5K for the first time today!  Who would have thought it was possible for me to run 5K.  I even ran the whole way, without walking at all! It was a good job too, as we had another big dinner with friends, so lots of calories were eaten again!

Day 53

Calories ate: 2001
Calories lost through exercise: 404
Net Calories: 1597
Exercise: Gym – treadmill (15min), bike (10 min), stairmaster (5 min), round of weights.

I was back in control of what I was eating today, which was good.  Still feeling good.

Day 54

Calories ate: 2131
Calories lost through exercise: 558
Net Calories: 1573
Exercise: Gym – treadmill (15 min), Bike (10 min), stairmaster (5min), round of weights.

For some reason I really struggled not to go really mad with my eating today. I realised late on in the day that it was because I felt quite stressed today (lots to do) and I normally cope with stress by eating a lot (hence the reason I need to go on this diet and exercise regime!). I need to find new ways of coping.

Day 55

Calories ate: 2115
Calories lost through exercise: 588
Net Calories: 1527
Exercise: Gym – treadmill (15 min), Bike (10 min), stairmaster (5min), round of weights.

Today was another day where I really struggled not to eat too much.  As I’m 55 days into this 100 days I’m aware that there are good times and bad times (and even good days and bad days), but this seems like a real slump at the moment.  I just hope I can get back on top of it.

Day 56

Calories ate: 2261
Calories lost through exercise: 497
Net Calories: 1763
Exercise: Gym – treadmill (15 min), Bike (10 min), stairmaster (5min), round of weights.

Well what can I say, another really bad day in terms of calories.  It’s proving really difficult not to eat at the moment, as I feel like I have a lot of stuff going on.  Still, at least I’m still exercising, which means my net calories aren’t horrific!  Hopefully it will all improve soon.

Week Summary 

Weight: 15st 5lb
Weight lost this week: 2lb
Total weight lost: 1st 4lb

I was really pleased at the start of the week to run 5K.  But, there’s no covering up the fact that I’ve really struggled to control my eating in the last few days.  While I’m still enjoying the exercise, business is my real enemy.  I love my job, and love what I get to do.  It’s such a privilege.  But in terms of health, it’s hard.  When I work hard, I always turn to bad eating choices, and it becomes harder and harder to fit in exercise.  When I do exercise, I then feel like I have even less time to do work, and so want to eat more!  Hopefully this 100 days will help train me to cope in different ways.  Wish me luck!

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