My Healthy Midlife Crisis – Days 15 to 21

Day 15

Calories ate: 2095
Calories lost though calories: 565
Net calories: 1529
Exercise:  Swam 40 lengths of the local pool

My enthusiasm has returned. But I know this week will be hard. My parents are staying on Saturday. I have a very full day on Sunday. And will be down in London for the day on Tuesday! So this week will be tough!

Day 16

Calories ate: 1987
Calories lost through exercise: 503
Net calories: 1484
Exercise:  Ran 2.02 miles at an average pace of 11min 29sec per mile

Felt really pleased with my exercise today as I managed to run the whole first mile without having to stop and walk at all! I know that’s not a big deal for some, but it felt like a big achievement to me.  I also managed to run most of the second mile.  So definitely feeling positive.

Day 17

Calories ate: 1890
Calories lost through exercise: 383
Net calories: 1507
Exercise:  Gym – 10 min on treadmill, 10min on bike and a go on the weights

Really struggled to fit in exercise today. The fact the weather was freezing didn’t help either! Went to the gym, but soon ran out of time. Ended up very nearly being late to a confirmation service at the cathedral (I was so rushed I forgot the confirmation register and poor Carole had to bring the girls to the cathedral to deliver it!).

Day 18

Calories ate: 1919
Calories lost through exercise: 453
Net calories: 1466
Exercise:  Gym – 10 min on treadmill, 10 min on bike, 5 min on stairmaster, 5 min rowing and a round of weights

A good day and still feeling motivated.

Day 19

Calories ate: 2631
Calories lost through exercise: 547
Net calories: 2084
Exercise:  Gym – 10 min on treadmill, 10 min on bike, 5 min rowing, 5 min on stairmaster and a round of weights

Went down to London today for work (this involved getting into a ‘healthy debate’ with the Duke of York, but that’s a different story).  It unfortunately also meant completely and utterly messing up my calorie count!  I ate out, and then just surrendered in the evening!  My motivation completely deserted me!

Day 20

Calories ate: 2759
Calories lost through exercise: 848
Net Calories: 1911
Exercise – Swimming at least 45 lengths of the pool in roughly 40 min (it may have been 47 or 49 lengths, I kind of lost count!)

So I really struggled today.  The day started off well, getting plenty of good exercise. But, unfortunately, the day ended badly (in terms of the diet, not in terms of anything else).  I was meeting a friend in the evening and the calories count did not survive well!  I really, really need to get back on track.

Day 21

Calories ate: 1942
Calories lost through exercise: 434
Net calories: 1508
Exercise:  Ran 2.02 miles at an average pace of 10min 54sc per mile

It was good to get back on track today after two bad days. I really have began to notice the pattern that if I make bad eating choices one day, then the next day the exercise is much, much harder. The run today felt tough and fitting it into the schedule was really hard, as I had stuff in the diary for morning, afternoon and evening.


Weight: 15st 11lb
Weight lost this week: 2lb
Total weight lost: 10lb

This week has definitely been my first blip.  It would have been so easy to quit, but luckily the wonderful Rosie Goodwin asked me how the diet was doing on Facebook, and I remembered that I’d been sharing this diet, and so found the will to continue. So please do keep commenting and asking, sometimes I need the motivation.
Having said that, I’m pleased to say I’ve also noticed positives. Exercise is getting less difficult (I still wouldn’t say I’m enjoying it though!).  I can breathe easier and keep going better.
Next week is set to be a difficult week. Tomorrow (day 23) I have a cooked meal and pudding provided, I’m at someone’s house for dinner on Sunday (day 24) and I’m having dinner with the Bishop on Monday (Day 25).  There could be trouble ahead!  But I’m determined not to mess it up!  Wish me luck.

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