My Healthy Midlife Crisis – Days 8-14

Day 8

Calories ate: 2180
Calories lost through exercise: 596
Net calories: 1584
Exercise:  Swimming – I swam 40 lengths of the local pool in about 40 minutes

I enjoyed swimming.  I also enjoyed getting my exercise over and done with nice and early in the day.

Day 9

Calories ate: 2236
Calories lost through exercise: 680
Net calories: 1557
Exercise:  Ran 2.02 miles at an average pace of 11min 23sec per mile

I really struggled to control my eating today, for some reason I really had a case of the munchies!

The run was awful!  As I ran through the park it transpired that there was an official race taking place, and suddenly I was surrounded by runners running twice my speed.  I practically killed myself because I didn’t want to stop and walk in the crowd!  Eventually I managed to turn down a different path.  As such I ended up with my best time yet, by far!  I can’t imagine I’ll beat it for quite a while!  Something else I found helpful was doing the run nice and early, it was nice to have the exercise out-of-the-way for the day.

Day 10

Calories ate: 1922
Calories lost through exercise: 347
Net calories: 1575
Exercise:  Ran 2.02 miles at an average pace of 12min 3sec per mile

I’m definitely starting to struggle with motivation.  It was a real struggle to get myself out and exercise. But I did it!

Day 11

Calories ate: 2168
Calories lost through exercise: 611
Net calories: 1558
Exercise:  Ran 2.02 miles at an average pace of 11min 58 sec per mile

Having learnt the advantage of doing my exercise early, I went running first thing.  But, like last time I did this, I really struggled with the munchies!  (As you can see from the number of calories I ate!).  Luckily we did a LOT of walking so the app on my phone took lots more calories off because of the walking.

Day 12

Calories ate: 1896
Calories lost through exercise: 408
Net calories: 1487
Exercise:  Went to the gym and spent 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the stair master and a quick round of the weights

I’m seriously starting to feel the enthusiasm dip as it’s getting harder to get out and exercise.

Day 13

Calories ate: 2159
Calories lost through exercise: 440
Net Calories: 1719
Exercise:  Went to the gym – 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the stair master and a round of the weights.

Today was the hardest day I have ever had dragging myself out to do exercise.  I got to the gym a lot later then normal and found it full of big muscled men and lycra covered women. And in comes chubby me!  Still I did it!

Day 14

Calories ate: 1969
Calories lost through exercise: 356
Net Calories: 1614
Exercise: Ran 2.04 miles at an average pace of 11min 11sec per mile

For some reason my motivation seemed to return today!  I was really chuffed after running my first mile in under 10 minutes! (9 minutes 31 seconds to be exact!).  Unfortunately I so knackered myself out doing that, that the second mile was really, really slow (hence the much longer average time).  But it feels like I’m back on track.

Week Summary

Weight: 15st 13lb
Weight lost this week: 3lb
Total weight lost: 8lb

This week was definitely harder than last week, and I’m sure there are harder weeks to come.  But I am finishing the week pleased with my progress.  I even bit the bullet and joined the gym today!

Only 86 more days to go – wish me luck!

P.S. Carole also continues to do well.

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I'm the curate at St. Anne's Church, in the parish of Shevington, Standish Lower Ground and Crooke. I'm married to Carole and have two beautiful daughters called Sarah and Anabel
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