Homosexuality – get over it!


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it!  I’m sick of the fact that our culture just seems to accept it – as if it’s all ok and quite normal.

Well I’m sorry, but it’s not normal.  It’s wrong, and damaging and, if we don’t do something about it soon, it’s going to destroy our families, our children and culture.  So it may not be P.C. and it may make some people feel uncomfortable, but it needs to be named, shamed and stopped.  Now!

What am I talking about?  NO – I’m not talking about homosexuality.  And the fact it crossed your mind that I was, is a huge part of the problem.  The church have become obsessed with the topic.  Within my section of the church (evangelical) it has become the test as to whether or not you are “in the club” – which has led to some people being very suspicious of me, as in most cases (apart from in very specific situations)  I now refuse to answer!  Why?  Because I think the church is using it as a huge distraction (the same way I think abortion was used to distract Christians away from health care, poverty and rampant consumerism under Bush in America).

Let’s ignore the fact that I don’t believe that sex is the biggest issue facing the Church today (I would say consumerism and global poverty should be the biggest issues – over 2000 verse of scripture deal with our treatment of the poor – at most only 7 passages deal with homosexuality, in reality its only 5 verses that are really relevant!).  No, let’s ignore that and just look at the, admittedly important, issue of sex.

Britain has the highest divorce rate in the EU.  Families are being torn apart, with all the evidence suggesting that this can have dramatic effects on children and even when handled well, will have some affect (see here).  Not to mention the effect on the couple themselves.  No-one leaves a marriage completely unscathed.

More and more children are being born outside of marriage – with projections suggesting that by only 2016 more children will be born outside of marriage than inside of marriage.  This is obviously related to the huge rise in co-habitation between unmarried couples.  Evidence also suggests that co-habitation has a huge effect on children (see here), and not in a good way.

I think most worryingly of all, is the increased access and, therefore, addiction to pornography (this is actually what I was talking about at the beginning, by the way!).  Two good, but terrifying articles about this are worth reading – especially if you have children (see here and here).  The effect this is having on our children – the pressure on young girls to perform and act in shocking ways, the twisted view of sex it puts into the minds of our young men, the way it destroys relationships and people, is truly heartbreaking and terrifying.  And let’s not pretend this isn’t linked to the rise in rape and sexual harassment.

I could continue to list things – our increasingly anonymous, lifestyles (more and more geographical communities are being lost) means sex and relationship are less connected than ever before.  The easy access to birth control means sex and pregnancy are now less related than ever before.  The increased access to health care makes sex and sexually transmitted disease less connected than ever before.  The increased sexualization of advertising, T.V., magazines, books etc, etc.  The editing and airbrushing of images making our physical expectations unattainable.  An education and professional system which pushes the age of marriage up, while the age of puberty goes down, making the single years longer and increasing the chance of numerous sexual partners.

I’m sure you could list more – and with all of this going on, the church is most worried about two people of the same-sex wanting to be in a monogamous, committed, consensual, relationship with one another!  Really!  That’s our biggest problem!  Honestly!!!  Surely anyone with any sense can see that the church needs to get its priorities right.

As I’ve said before (see here), my heart breaks for our children, my own beautiful daughters, who are being brought up in this culture and will soon face these issues.  Please, please, can the church get its priorities right and start dealing with the real issues.  Please?  For the sake of my children, for the sake our society, for the sake of us all – let’s deal with the real issues.

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I'm the curate at St. Anne's Church, in the parish of Shevington, Standish Lower Ground and Crooke. I'm married to Carole and have two beautiful daughters called Sarah and Anabel
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