Bond, James Bond! – Best Bond and best films


So in the last couple of months me and my wonderful wife have been working our way through every single James Bond movie, in time for Skyfall to be released on DVD.  Having just watched it I now feel qualified to give my opinions on a number of BoNd related questions (You can, of course, disagree, you’ll just be wrong!).

Who is the best Bond?

1. Daniel Craig
2. Sean Connery
(For me these two are way ahead of the others, in fact I nearly had them the other way round.  Connery was better at the jokes and one liners, but his films were getting silly by the end)
3. Timothy Dalton
4. Pierce Brosnan
(another close competition here.  Brosnan’s last film was daft, but he was much better at the humour and the one liners.  Timothy Dalton was tougher, but if I’m really honest what makes him higher is that his two films were the first ones I saw as a child, and I remember watching them again and again.  He was my Bond)
5. George Lazenby
6. Roger Moore
(Moore is a long way at the bottom for me, almost all his films were stupid, turning Bond into a joke.  A little humour is good for Bond, but Moore just takes it too far.)

Which are the best films?

1. Skyfall
(I’m reluctant to put this at the top when I’m still only fresh with it, but I think it deserves it)
2. Goldfinger
3. Licence to kill
4. Golden eye
5. The spy who loved me

So there we have it.  You may disagree, but you’ll be wrong!

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