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Halloween – a new way?

Well it’s halloween, again.  Yet another year has rolled round and, yet again, halloween seems bigger than ever.  In our nearest supermarket a whole 3 isles have been dedicated to halloween.  Costumes.  Pumpkins.  Cobwebs.  Moving, groaning, figures.  The lot.  Now, … Continue reading

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Considering the future

Over a year ago now, I returned home to be greeted by a letter from the Bishop suggesting that I consider coming to a church called St. Anne’s to serve my curacy!  What followed was much prayer, a phone call … Continue reading

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The good thing about Christianity is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it

Ok, let’s face it not many people are going to be surprised by this information, but I got annoyed again.  Like anyone who regularly goes on Facebook I see various pictures with quotes etc on them and for the most … Continue reading

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