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Why I think it’s time we stopped preaching “The Gospel”!

Ok, ok, ok!  I know … honestly, I know.  But before you denounce me as a heretic, just give me a bit of time to explain myself! Firstly, let me ask you:  What is “The Gospel”?  It’s a simple question, … Continue reading

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HELL, or maybe not!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about hell, cheerful subject, I know! I’ve just come back from, yet another holiday, (thank you generous St. Anne’s parishioners), where I finally found time to read a book I’ve scanned through a number … Continue reading

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Why I NEVER ask people if they want a personal relationship with Jesus!

The Christian world is full of different labels, labels which have got progressively more complicated.  When you start the process of getting a curacy in the Church of England (remembering that this is already one “label”, as you’re already not … Continue reading

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