Nothing for baptism, honestly?

Well, I’m now a “reverend”.  Unbelievable I know.  I’m walking round with a dog collar on and, I’ll be honest, I’m loving it!  It’s an amazing privilege and a wonderful opportunity.  For example, schools just open their doors for you and ask you to come and tell their children about Jesus!  How brilliant is that!

Now I come to my main dilemma, the thing that’s dominating my thinking at the moment.  I’ve taken over the baptismal preparation for any families wishing to have their children baptised.  This is another wonderful opportunity.  Complete strangers ring me up and invite me to tell them all about baptism, which essentially means all about Jesus.  Fantastic!

Now presumably this is an opportunity experienced by many clergy, so why exactly is it that I can’t find any half decent resources out their.  I’ve seen the ‘first steps’ DVD by CPAS and it’s ok, but a bit cheesy and not very good for discussion.  But that seems to be it.  Surely there must be some good stuff out there I’m missing?  Help me out fellow clergy people, any recommendations?

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I'm the curate at St. Anne's Church, in the parish of Shevington, Standish Lower Ground and Crooke. I'm married to Carole and have two beautiful daughters called Sarah and Anabel
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