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Why I’m not sure about religion, but love Jesus

I got asked a strange question the other day, something I hadn’t considered.  Someone commented on this blog and then popped “the question” … Do you do requests?! What was the request?  Well … they wanted me to give my opinions … Continue reading

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The Atheist Delusion!

Now let’s be quite clear.  When I started this blog I really never thought this would be the type of thing I would ever write.  I have no interest in “taking on” people like Professor Richard Dawkins, and the other … Continue reading

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“Life is pointless, purposeless. We are all insignificant specks in an uncaring universe!”

I spent my New Years Eve (Happy New Year everyone!) at Slapton, in Devon, with the usual group of 60-80 people who I spend every New Year with.  It was spent doing a number of things, including debating with an atheist … Continue reading

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